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My Name is Bert Cordingley and I have Korsakoff's Disease

Korsakoff's Disease has been wrongly diagnosed throughout the world for many years. Resulting in many sufferers being placed into institutions and asylums and given wrong or no medication, In many cases leading to insanity and death.
Some of these cases are presently being dealt with by the legal system throughout the world.The journey will continue for me and others alike until all korsakoff's sufferers are given the opportunity, treatment and support to be able to live  their lives as independently as any person can do, with dignity, peace of mind and safely in their own homes.
8 years  ago my support team wanted me to move into a care home I didn't like the idea and wanted to live alone in my own home and be as Independent as I could be. Although the care home was avoided, it seemed only a temporary step as the head of the support team told me that

The day will come

When, I would not be aware of my own self and unable to live without full time care in a home. It was a nice way of telling me,

I was destined to become insane, mad, crazy call it what you will.

I would drift into insanity no awareness of reality I dont think I've ever been so scared! "It`s like Alzheimer’s they said.
It  is a form of Alzheimer’s called Korsakoff's Disease and nothing could be done about it.

They were wrong

Korsakoff's sufferers can live with independence in their own homes, with help and support from the available services and are able to enjoy a quality of life without the confusion and suffering and indescribable frustration that is part of Korsakoff's Disease.
Deterioration can be stopped and intelligence retained.
I started this Website to help others, like myself who have the determination to ensure, that                           

That day will not come

Thankyou  to Paul smith  and Chris Pickin of North East Ambulance Service   Im   here  today  to  tell the  tale.....   Thanks  lads   I was  in  trouble with  out  you
I took a wrong  turn on a quiet  rd in Darlington and ended  up on a very  busy  Motorway on a  Electric Cycle. I had very little control  and was wandering from side to side over 3 lanes.
2 guys  spotted the danger  I was in  as they  were heading  in the other  direction on duty  for  North East Ambulance Service.
They  turned  around and caught me  up, fand lagged  me  down to ensure i was out  of  danger and then loaded  the  cycle  in to ther  Ambulance  and drove me and the cycle to the  railway station to make  sure  i  got  safely  home.Thanks  Lads
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